Fortnite prepares the big end event of Chapter 2

Fortnite prepares the big end event of Chapter 2

In Fortnite, Epic Games has already announced that a big event will soon be prepared for the end of Chapter 2. Now the map is being adjusted for this event and we will show you what you can possibly expect.

What’s going on in Fortnite? The map of Fortnite fell victim to an invasion of the killer cubes. After the live event, from Chapter 2 Season 7, the alien mothership crashed and corrupted the map. This orange slime is spreading throughout the Fortnite world.

Furthermore, The Cube Queen creates a pyramid in the middle of the map in order to use it as a weapon against the inhabitants of the island. Since she is considered a reality destroyer, she will do everything possible to seal the end of Fortnite.

Meanwhile, the island’s residents are not giving up without a fight and are building a base to face the threat once and for all.

Build a base and bombs

A new base: Players who actively gamble Fortnite have certainly discovered the construction site near Pleasant Park. There, rubble of the mother ship was removed in advance in order to build a base and forge a plan against The Cube Queen.

What changes are occurring? The whole map is corrupted by the aura of the cube. At the beginning of Chapter 2, Season 8, these alien cubes wandered across the island to get to the Crater of Zero. In doing so, they left a path of destruction and the orange slime from the tipping world. Since the queen was called from the golden leader cube, this substance has spread over the entire map. In the meantime, the base was set up, which was also shown in the trailer for the live event.

This base is being built in a hurry and contains many bombs that are lying around the construction site. On Twitter, leakers and players speculate whether these bombs will be directed against the cube army and their queen in the live event. Many assume that with these missiles we will drive out the queen.

What comes after the event? You don’t know exactly. Leaker think there will be another black hole. Fortnite will not be playable again for a few days. It is also assumed that by chance a new reality will be created, which will start with a new map and new content in Chapter 3. All of this is expected to take place on December 7th.

And while the new chapter has not yet been released, you can play such MMOs as Black Desert or ESO.

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