Fortnite: Overview trailer for Chapter 3 S1 shows new features

Fortnite: Overview trailer for Chapter 3 S1 shows new features

In the new overview trailer for Chapter 3 Season 1, Fortnite shows what has changed. New weapons, locations, and mechanics will bring a breath of fresh air to Chapter 3. And of course the map that turned around once.

What’s going on at Fortnite? On December 4th, Chapter 2 in Fortnite ended with a huge live event. After that you couldn’t do anything in the game or play anything. Epic Games published the overview trailer for the 1st season in Chapter 3 on December 5th and it is really well received by players. We show you the trailer here and what will now change for you in Fortnite.

Chapter 3, Season 1 – Trailer with map, weapons and locations

What does the trailer show? The video takes you on a ride over the new map of Fortnite. At the big live event the island was flipped and now you are playing in chapters on the bottom. There are new places to discover that you have never been able to see before. New weapons and items should also bring variety to Chapter 3, Season 1 at Fortnite.

In the video you can also see the new slide mechanism with which you can slide down mountains and slopes. This is ideal for dodging opponents and moving quickly in the process. If you feel more comfortable in the air, you can use the new swing mechanism, which is a bit reminiscent of Spiderman’s locomotion style when he swings from house to house with his cobwebs. The “camps” are also new. These are tents that you can put up to heal yourself and your group members there.

More on Chapter 3 weapons. That is known: Fortnite already presented a few weapons with the new trailer for Chapter 3.

  • Ranger Assault Rifle – A powerful medium to long range weapon
  • MK-Seven Assault Rifle – A high rate of fire assault rifle for medium to long ranges
  • Striker Pump Shotgun – A high burst damage shotgun
  • Auto Shotgun: An automatic shotgun that does less damage than the Striker but has a higher rate of fire
  • Stinger SMG: With high damage against opponents and buildings – ideal for medium ranges
  • Sidearm Pistol: A precise weapon that deals high damage over medium ranges
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper: With high damage and three bullets per magazine for long ranges

How do you like the outlook for Chapter 3 Season 1 in Fortnite? Or would you rather spend time in games like ESO or Black Desert?

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