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Fortnite in 2021 – is it still worth getting started?

The online shooter Fortnite is already 4 years old and you may be wondering whether you should look into the game as a newcomer or get back into the game as an old hand. We show you whether the Battle Royale shooter is worthwhile for you and what Fortnite will be in 2021.

What is fortnite

Many players know Fortnite as a battle royal shooter. But what some players don’t know is that PvE content called “Save the World” also exists. In this it is your task to build fortresses with which you can survive against hordes of zombies in order to save the last remnant of humanity from a mysterious storm.

However, Epic Games announced that they no longer want to feed “Safe the World” with updates. Now only the Battle Royal mode and the creative mode remain. In both modes, you and your friends can play exciting battles and games on maps and have fun.

The primary goal in Battle Royale is to emerge as the best of 100 opponents. You can do this by venturing out onto the big island after jumping off the battle bus, hoarding weapons and pumping yourselves full of shield potions.

In battles, thanks to the construction system, you can build cover or entire building complexes in order to outsmart and defeat your opponent.

That’s what happened in Fortnite 2021

The Battle Royal mode does not offer a direct story in this sense. So you can get in and out at any time without missing anything.

What’s the mood right now? Season 8 is currently in Chapter 2. Players were annoyed at the start: Epic Games changed the Quest and XP system so that many players struggled to level their Battle Pass at all.

Subsequently, after the live event of Season 7, many complained that the map still hardly received any changes. Many players from Chapter 1 are used to such constant changes to the map.

But after the time passed, the map changed by itself, thanks to the cube invasion, and Epic fixed the XP problem. Now you can unlock the bonus styles of the skins in the current season without any problems.

With everything slowly turning for the better, many players are excited to see what happens after the invasion. The queen of the dice, now floating in the center of the map, is known for destroying realities. Maybe a second black hole could herald Chapter 3 soon.

New items in the Fortnite loadout

What does a loadout look like today? Fortnite is known for setting the meta in every season. Weapons are always pulled out of the safe or thrown back into it. This ensures variety in every season. Well, the favorites like the infamous assault rifle or the Pump continue to dominate Fortnite, but a lot has happened since Chapter 1. You can equip your loadout with new items such as:

  • fishes
  • Fireflies (incendiary grenades)
  • meat
  • Petrol cans
  • Fishing rods or the harpooner
  • tires
  • fruits or vegetables

Among other things, there are also vehicles, such as motor boats or cars. With them you are faster on the way and can, if necessary, run over some players with them.

Fortnite is back on the up trend in 2021

Is Fortnite worth it for me? If you are unsure whether you should take off, now would be the right time. Epic Games is currently implementing everything that players have criticized:

  • The XP system is now in top condition, with which you can even earn the additional styles without any problems.
  • The current weapons are represented in a wide range. Thanks to a new voting system, players can also determine for themselves which weapons are to be used next in the current season.
  • The map offers a large-scale change that players have long wanted.
  • Vehicles let you travel quickly from A to B.
  • Fight in bot lobbies until you have established your skills.

Fortnite is known for its building feature. As a result, many players are reluctant to even start a round.

Despite this, you can have fun with the Battle Royal shooter without being a construction freak. Many items offer a good counter to building. That being said, with practice, even a simple wall can act as cover that can help you win.

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