Fortnite could be cancelled if Rod Fergusson (Gears 5) has stayed in Epic Games

fortnite couldve been cancelled

In a recent interview Rod Fergusson, the current leader of The Coalition, the software house working on Gears 5, has told an interesting backstory that has happened back in the time he was working on Epic Games.

Fortnite Was About To Be Killed

Basically, according to Rod Fergusson, if he had stayed at Epic Games instead of leaving for Irrational to work on BioShock Infinite and later form The Coalition with Microsoft, Fortnite would have been canceled years ago.

“I would have canceled Fortnite,” admitted Fergusson. “Before I left I tried to cancel Fortnite. […] That game would not have passed my bar for something we should continue to keep going.” It’s worth pointing out that when Fergusson was among the Epic Games stuff, Fortnite only had its Save the World mode in development, and its battle royale mode had not even been in Epic’s plans yet.

Can you imagine that Epic’s Fortnite, is a massive, worldwide phenomenon that’s achieved a level of popularity that few could have ever thought of, would has been cut off in the beginning?

Who knows what the video game industry would look like today if Fornite was killed in the beginning? Probably another battle royale game could make an equal success. But it’s impossible to say if this hypothetical game would have had the same amount of impact as Fornite. There are dozens of such games, but only one Fortnite.

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