Fortnite claims, the new update has a suicide scene

Fortnite claims, the new update has a suicide scene, the location has been removed

Fortnite suicide scene

At the end of the last year, Fortnite developer Epic Games (who also has The Division 2 services in store) spoke out a new idea that may let user creations to be presented on a small space of the official island map. This location, named The Block, would spin every so often with the goal of demonstrating fan originality  and creativity. On April 2, The Block was updated to display a mansion — but that area was substituted lately with a previous submission, Tropical Treetops. The modification makes players concerned that the Mysterious Mansion location showed up to portray a suicide scene.

The Mysterious Mansion was created by Fortnite player FuryLeaks, and it give us an desolated and overgrown house to inspect. In FuryLeak’s map observation, the creator walks through the grim mansion only to find a room with a hangman in it. It appears to show a suicide scene.

However, the actual submission to Epic Games doesn’t feature a character model hanging from the ceiling, instead only depicting the chair and the rope as seen in this screenshot taken by Reddit user u/req-q.

“Epic should really check the map before putting it on the block, someone [hung] themselves here,” req-q wrote in the thread. After its release, Fortnite was updated again and Epic excluded the mansion area, returning it back to a prior Block submission. Since The Block’s first launch, it has never featured a submission more than once before. While The Block area is available any more, a map code has been used to see the area in Creative Mode, reaffirming the scene.

As stated by FuryLeaks, people got it wrong— the Fortnite fan told that, despite his showcase video where a character hangs from the ceiling, the house was aimed to illustrate the consequences of an earthquake that ruined the interior.

“The chair was supposed to hang on the rope, but it fell down,” FuryLeaks explained. “I made a joke on a little cinematic with someone hanging their self… but… yeah. Actually it wasn’t supposed to look like that.”

Despite this explanation, FuryLeak keeps subtweeting about the situation.

“Welcome to fortnite. A game where you can kill people. But we also hate it when you kill people.
I mean Fortnite can kill llamas. Hang up people in happy hamlet. Make suicide jokes with Noskins But sure.”

Epic Games did not replied to a comment request instantly, but FuryLeaks uloaded a screenshot with Polygon that implied to show an exchange between them and an Epic Games producer where the dev team admits that it did not catch the scene before it appeared in the game. While Polygon can’t check the reliability of the screenshot, the Epic Games code of conduct, which manages submissions to The Block, says that players should be friendly and have fun.

Update:  Epic Games said, “This creator’s content was removed from the Block because it did not adhere to our content creation guidelines.”

“Be kind when creating and editing with others,” the code of conduct states. “Discriminatory language, hate speech, threats, spam, and other forms of harassment or illegal behavior will not be tolerated.”

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