Fortnite announces the end of Chapter 2

Fortnite announces the end of Chapter 2

In Fortnite, leakers announced in advance that Chapter 2 would say goodbye to you in December. Now Epic Games has published a trailer for the end and set up a new countdown. We sum up what you need to know.

What was published Epic Games now officially publishes the trailer for the live event of Chapter 2. This short trailer now officially confirms the assumptions and statements of the well-known leakers, who stated that Chapter 2 will be replaced by Chapter 3 in December.

In the trailer four armed skins are shown, which go through a roller door. In doing so, they face the well-known threat: the queen of the dice. She also gets ready for battle, statically charging her half-finished alien pyramid.

Fortnite countdown has started

If you haven’t logged into Fortnite yet, the trailer will be played to you when you log in. Then you will be brought to your lobby, which is now provided with a countdown.

When does the live event start? The countdown will end on Saturday, December 4th at 10pm. Then you will have the opportunity to face the dice queen in order to free the old map from its threat.

How will the live event go? We don’t know that yet, but rumor has it that the queen of the dice will throw the map into chaos and another black hole will appear. Before that happens, however, one will be able to face it and try to prevent it from doing so.

What happens after the live event? Leaker assume that another black hole will spread and Fortnite will go into hibernation for a few days.

During this time everything will be prepared for the new chapter. You won’t be able to play matches or customize your skins. So this will be comparable to what happened after the live event of Season X in Chapter 1.

What do you think of the upcoming live event? Are you hyped to explore a new map and new features? Or while you’re waiting for the event, do you want to play Outriders or Destiny 2?

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