Fortnite: 4 things you should do before Chapter 3 begins

Fortnite: 4 things you should do before Chapter 3 begins

In Fortnite you have to do a lot before you can face the Cube Queen. What’s going to happen soon? In Fortnite, the 2nd chapter will soon be saying goodbye to be replaced by the 3rd chapter. Since Season 8 offered a lot of content, we show you four things that you should do before the “end”.

4 Things to Do Before Chapter 3

1. Collect all the color bottles and unlock cartoon fish styles

What are paint bottles? Color bottles are similar to the alien artifacts from Season 7. These are required to create your new, self-designed cartoon fish skin. They can be used to unlock new colors for the skin, its guitar stick, the glider, but also for its back-bling.

That leaves you room for the wildest color mixes. Can be colored headgear, scarf, arms, legs and many other areas of his skin.

How can I buy the styles? For this you need rainbow ink. You can find these from every imaginable box on the map in Fortnite. All you have to do is open it and then you will collect it automatically. The number of ink captured varies and is not available in every box. To do this, you need patience and time.

Is there more? Yes, because new styles have been added that can be unlocked as you complete tasks. You can find these tasks on the icons of the respective skin styles. Go to the skin icon that you want to activate, complete the required task and then activate this style for purchase.

2. Unlock secret skin and cosmetics

Who is the skin? This skin is the secret skin from season 8. Each season houses a secret skin, which will only be revealed at a later point in time. These skins always come with a wide range of cosmetic items such as gliders, pickaxes or weapon paints.
How do I unlock it? To do this, you have to access your quest tab and do the tasks there. These are as follows:
  • Survive five phases of the storm while carrying a weapon – Unlocks the outfit “The Cube Queen”.
  • Eliminate a player with the minigun – Unlocks the “Victorious Cube” emoticon.
  • Interrogate Two Enemies – Unlocks the “At the Queen’s Court” loading screen.
Use a shadow stone or zappler and spend three seconds as a shadow near a player – Unlocks the back accessory “Cube Vortex”.
If you have done that, you will automatically be given a style for the skin. You will then have access to the second page of the rewards. You can unlock these as follows:
  • Inflict 150 damage to players with the Scythe – Unlocks the “Reality Destroyer” pickaxe.
  • Complete a bounty hunt from a bounty board – Unlocks the “Royal Face” spray motif.
  • Get two headshots with the rifle – Unlocks the lobby music “Hymn of the Queen”.
  • Use the hang glider in the cooling towers of Steamy Stacks – Unlocks the hang glider “Royal glider”.

After you have completed all the tasks, you will be given the last style of your skin.

3. Unlock everything in the Battle Pass

How do I get this done quickly? To do this, you have to do the stamp cards in the quest tab. You select a map and the responsible NPC is automatically marked on the map. Now you go into a match and visit that person. This then gives you a task that consists of five parts.

You will receive 30,000 XP for every completed task. But you can also gamble on the weekend of December 27-29, as the last XP weekend is supposed to take place there.

4. Collect memories before the end

The end is approaching and soon the Chapter 2 Map will no longer exist in this form. The Cube queen will do everything possible to destroy them in order to seal the fate of the island.

So use the time you have left to capture cool moments, take photos or even visit your favorite POIs. Try to still enjoy the current vehicles, as they may no longer be on the new map. And if you have already done all this and are even a little tired, you can get acquainted with games such as ESO and New World.

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