Fornite’s Apex Legends-style respawn vans are coming out next week with an update v8.30

Fortnite reboot

The new Reboot Vans will be released next week, as the new Fortnight update video shows and the devs have told in details how they’ll work.

The update by Epic Games also shows that the respawn feature will launch in Fortnite next week when the Reboot Vans appear in update v8.30.

As it was said by Epic in February, it was looking at creating a single-occupancy vehicle and also a respawn mechanic similar to Apex Legends’ respawn beacons.

Back in March, as Season 8 started, vans were detected on the map, with a bit of data mining unfolding that they have references to as Second Chance Vans.

The update will represent us both the Reboot Van and Reboot Cards. Players will be able to take their team’s Reboot Cards and make it active at the vans to return them back into the game.

When it’s activated, a “beacon and audio cue will be set off”, so the players around will know that there’s a reboot in progress and how many players are coming too. Team mates will appear in one-by-one on top of the van.

Watch the video update below:

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