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Fixes For Bless Unleashed.

So, for now, Neowiz and Round 8 Studio took note of the community feedback during the first closed beta of Bless Unleashed on PC in September and are working hard to resolve them in time for the second closed beta. According to them, their attention is now focused around the management scheme and the team has already made the necessary changes.

“When using a skill, the key is not pressed continuously like a hold key, but rather, when the key is pressed once, it is recognized as a hold, and the skill is automatically activated after the required time has elapsed.”

The most important change in the controls is the need to hold down the keys so that players can activate some of the necessary skills. These skills have been corrected for switching input and the system recognizes a key press as a hold without having to hold the key down. You will still have a little time before the skill is activated, as if you were holding a key.

Additional changes include the addition of an auto-start switch, a slot system to replace the ribbon scroll for items and potions, and improvements to star seeds currency system and the user interface to make it more PC-friendly. A full list of changes can be found on the Steam community page.

The developers also added the ability to configure key bindings and bind actions to mouse buttons 4 and mouse buttons 5, as well as to any other buttons on the mouse. The team also increased the sprint time outside of combat, while the sprint was changed from a switchable action to a hold.

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