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Fix for WoW Burning Crusade Classic.

Most recently, a patch was released for WoW Burning Crusade Classic, which contains many small fixes and changes. What was introduced?

So, reagents were the focus of this recent fix. In particular, the reagents for several spells have been changed from the content of the pre-patch to level 70. These enchantments include the Glove Enchantment-Menace, the Glove Enchantment-Superior Agility, the Cloak Enchantment-Greater Fire Resistance, the Cloak Enchantment-Greater Resistance to Nature, the Cloak Enchantment-Stealth, the Cloak Enchantment-Subtlety, and the Cloak Enchantment-Evasion.

The correction also results in the following adjustments:

  • [With regional restarts]:The Auction house has been upgraded to improve performance.
  • [With regional restarts]: Commander Amir in Netherstorm has saved the prison ball from his latest scouting mission and could use your help to get the key to unlock it.
  • [With regional restarts]: The Lower Stalker Mah’duun in Shattrath now offers a non-heroic daily dungeon quest.
  • Warchief Kargath Bladefist in the Shattered Halls again has a delay between the charges of his Blade Dance.
  • Warlock’s Inferno once again stuns and deals damage to enemies in the area.
  • Engineering Scheme: The Syphorium Elemental Charge is now available from the Consortium’s fraction suppliers.

Burning Crusade launched for World of Warcraft Classic earlier this month, on June 1. We are currently delving into an extension for our review.Blizzard has detailed its flight mechanics for Shadowlands 9.1.

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