Five secrets of LOTRO's Moria we would like to share

Five secrets of LOTRO’s Moria we’ll share with you


Playing Lord of the Rings Online’s Moria can be an interesting experience, good or bad, but nowadays fans of the game aren’t interested in exploring every cape and nook, they rather will get to the other side of the mountain range. Maybe they’re right about that, there are not so many things to loot or just spot in the LOTRO. While Turbine-of-yore did an enormous job with Moria’s, the devs back in 2008 had a bunch of more important things to do, than just hiding Ester eggs here and there.

But it doesn’t mean Moria have no secrets to look for, actually we can spot at least five of them, which might be useful or just exciting. So, today we are going to observe them all.

  1. The Crossroads well chamber

I never thought about that giant cistern, no matter how many times I had been passing it, I literally forgot about it’s existent after second one. I considered it as environment decoration, something like that Pippin (Merry?) knocked that Dwarf skeleton down in the movies.

In fact, it serves one purpose, that’s simply to kill your char. If you happen to jump down it you will discover it leads to Water-works, interesting adventure, but you gotta be pancaked upon arrival, it worth something though, you will be given the “Well Traveled” title for these issues.

  1. The Pits of Moria

There’s a lot of places in that location, where you can test you height-phobia, you can even earn some badges! There’s a hidden mission named The Pits of Moria and your aim, if you’re in, to find the bottom-most pit in six different places. It shows none of updates in your log, cause it’s hidden, but if you jump into the right pit some text will appear on the screen informing you that you’ve done well. In MMORPGs like Elder Scrolls Online, party/raid content plays a big role. In our store you can order Trials Boost in ESO for any trial in the game. Main point is to get high-end gear and various titles.

About the reward. Once you find all six pits, you’ll earn a whopping five LOTRO points — and the “Blind Leaper” title. I definitely would give it a try!

  1. Floid and Dewitt

You want more these weird titles? Try to earn “The Wanderer” title. Floid and Dewitt, the well-known couple, consisting of the man and his horse, have been there and done this before you and can be found just north of Jazârgund near the Endless Stair. If you’ve never seen them before and will try to discover, it might set you out on a fun hunting that covers all of Middle-earth — and also has a part 2!

  1. The Twenty-First Hall tavern

You’ve ever assumed there might be a super exclusive bar that’s been hidden carfully in the Twenty-First Hall all along? That’s real, and its frequenters have been sneering down on you for more than 10 years now.

The only way to enter there is to get a special Moria Keg from the Spring Festival, so you better not miss it next time. This rare item will randomly teleport you to seven different places across the game, including this tavern. Once you’re there, you free to get drunk, oh yeah and there’s no way out other than jumping to your death or mapping home!

  1. The painting of Silvertine Lodes

Don’t you like to see the random bit of mob wall art that can appear before you at any location? There’s one special painting that you have to pay attention to if you spotted it, it placed against the wall in the northern goblin area of the Silvertine Lodes. If you look at it thoroughly, you can notice that it is actually a mural of the rise of the Balrog (or Mazog, can’t tell for sure) and the further exile of the Dwarves from their kingdom. That would look like something these filthy goblins would feast about!

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