Final Fantasy XIV: The Endwalker expansion is coming

Final Fantasy XIV: The Endwalker expansion is coming

The Endwalker expansion brings a number of new areas to Final Fantasy XIV, in which you are initially rather slower. But you can easily increase your riding speed.

This is FATE progress: A new system has been introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion that you can use to increase the riding speed of your noble horses, chocobos, cars or flying armchairs. All you have to do for this is to do FATEs in the respective area. They work a little differently in the areas of Shadowbringers and in the new Endwalker expansion than in the areas of the base game and the old expansions.

This is what the FATES give: There are two things you should be aware of:

  • In addition to normal EXP rewards, the FATEs in Shadowbringers and now also in Endwalker give two-colored stones.
  • The FATEs work like a kind of reputation system that you collect. Each area in Endwalker has its own “reputation bar” that fills up when you clear out FATES.

You can exchange the two-colored stones for different items at the FATE dealers in the respective areas. The traders usually stand in camps near teleport crystals and have a special quest sign above their head. It is slightly different from other quests. You can collect the stones and the reputation, even if you have not yet reached the teleport and the trader in the respective area. This happens automatically when completing FATEs.

How do I learn to ride faster? To increase your riding speed, you must have completed at least 6 FATEs in each area. This brings you to rank 2 of the reputation, whereby you increase the range of goods of the respective merchants.

One of the new items will be a scroll for the area’s bridle paths. That is your goal. Each roll costs 70 two-tone stones. But if you haven’t bought anything before, you should have enough after 6 FATEs to be able to buy the reel directly. By the way: The further you expand your reputation by doing FATEs, the more new items will be available to you at the dealers. In Shadowbringers, for example, this also included cute companions or useful crafting materials. So it’s safe to assume that Endwalker will have some cool stuff to help you build your reputation too.

How can I see my progress on FATEs? To see how much reputation you have gained in the respective new Endwalker areas, you have to go to “Map and Transport” in your in-game menu. There all new areas that you have already entered will be displayed in a window and you can check how many FATEs you have already done in which location.

When does Endwalker start? Those who pre-order the expansion will probably be able to try out the new content on December 3rd from 10:00 in the morning. However, the developers have issued a warning that they expect a high rush and that there could be long queues and possibly server problems. If you don’t have a pre-order for the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, you can play Black Desert or New World.

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