Final Fantasy XIV launches a new patch and and slowly finishes its collab with GARO

Final Fantasy XIV garo

The partnership of GARO and Final Fantasy XIV has lasted for a long time and still continue to. Do you want to pick up the gear? You can go and do that right now. Or may be climb one of the achievement-based horse mounts? Still highly possible. But eventually, an endpoint can be seen in sight, not like it happens soon, but when the cooperation is set to end with the launch of patch 5.1.

It’s noticeable that patch 5.1 delays the future expansion launch, which will be 5.0. That implies that the collaboration ends somewhere in October or November, referring to FFXIV’s dependable patch timetable, which would have 5.1 in 3,5 months after the expansion release on July 2nd. Thus, you can leisurely plan on finishing up anything you should from the event before the end, and not to rush into last possibility to get any equipment you wished for.

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