Final Fantasy XIV is waiting for some updates.

So, the Final Fantasy XIV team in their latest post showed some changes that players can expect in the update next week.

Well, first of all, the achievements menu has been updated. Instead of receiving achievement rewards from Jonathas in Gridania, the team moves them to the achievement menu itself, saving players time in the long run.

Also, the Triple Triad card game also features some rule updates, allowing players to use more of their rare cards in the deck. This is the result of feedback from players who wanted to be able to use more of their rare collected cards.

“Until now, you could only use one rarity card ?4 or ?5 in your deck. We’ve heard your feedback and agree that it would be nice to have more opportunities to use more of the rare cards you’ve collected”

Players can now use two four-star cards, and cards of three stars or less have no restrictions on them. The five star rarity cards are still limited to just one deck.

The changes also come at the end of the mini-game, where players can pre-select the types of fish they want to automatically throw back after catching. This way, players won’t accidentally put away their fishing rods while fishing, requiring a build-up of release goals. A new menu will be added, allowing players to choose which fish they want to throw back in Final Fantasy XIV and for those species you haven’t caught yet, there’s no need to worry about automatically releasing them on the first catch.The list of emotions will also be updated with Death To Dawn when it comes out next week. A search function has been added to the menu, allowing players to easily find the emotion they were looking for, as well as add a green icon for those emotions they recently collected.

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