Final Fantasy XIV brings changes into the Shadowbringers and Final Fantasy XV crossover locations

Shadowbringers Final Fantasy

New bomb Final Fantasy XIV updates is approaching us, this time we have the Darkness and the new fine ride. The special sites for the Final Fantasy XV crossover event and the upcoming Shadowbringers are updated. The last one delivers us information that is for the most part familiar, but it should reaffirm which areas of Norvrandt are connected familiar parts of Eorzea geographically; Kholusia is La Noscea, Il Mheg is Coerthas, Amh Araeng is Thanalan and Lakeland is of course Mor Dhona. It also has a little bit of that long-expected Hrothgar and Viera knowledge.

In the meantime, the FFXV crossover site is now showing the haircuts, Orchestrion rolls, outfits and of course the mount promised for the crossover launching on April 16th. To unlock these updates you should have level 50 and completed 2.0 storyline, so if you’ve been asleep there, it’s the time to come back to grow; and again, since the crossover is available until May 27th, you have some time.

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