Final Fantasy XI releases new patch with changes to White Mages; Feast of Swords’ preparations

Final Fantasy XI

The new era in Japan is coming. As the new emperor ascends, the end of the Heisei era comes and the start of the Reiwa era begins. So it makes the following update for Final Fantasy XI the first update of the Reiwa era, and developers decided to mark the beginning of Reiwa with White Mages’ Protectra V and Shellra V moving to scrolls instead of Merit Points. By the way, this is really a huge change to the game, it implies finer merit options for the job.

There’s also Feast of Swords will be available on May 1st and ends May 14th. Fill your body and soul with wizardry and go look for the thieves who would steal ceremonial armor, then get a reward for the work you’ve done, you know the drill, but now it’s strengthened by the era change event.

Apart from that news, you can buy now a new set of Final Fantasy XIV music, that’s especially advised if you can’t get enough of “A Land Long Dead” in-game.

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