Final Fantasy XI post about the changes.

The new year has arrived all over the world and Akihiko Matsui, the producer of Final Fantasy XI, has posted a post highlighting the challenges of developing in 2020 and moving to work from home, but noting with no small pride the amount of work the team has been able to accomplish, including launching the insatiable Revival arc and updating Odyssey and Ambuscade during the year.

Well, there are also plans for the insatiable revival content to continue as the game approaches its 20th anniversary, so there are more planned this year.

In addition, Matsui claims that the team is exploring some additional growth options for all jobs, as well as additional item storage solutions, proving that item storage solutions, once again proving that Square-Enix has a completely different definition of” maintenance mode ” than almost anyone else. Not to mention the fact that the game is hosting a New Year’s Eve event right now, if you need any additional reasons to get excited about the game.

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