Grand addition to MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV release date and opened pre-order

Square Enix announced exact date of  Endwalker – giant Final Fantasy XIV’s update release. It is the 23rd of November, but users having pre-order will be available to start using it on the 19th. Update will be available on PC, Playstation 4 and 5.

You can buy any of two publications right now. Typical one includes just the expansion and its price is 2100 rubles at Steam (Personal Computer) and 3219 rubles at PlayStation Store. Digital Collector edition costs 3100 rubles in Steam (for PC) and 4279 rubles at Playstation store. It also includes minion, weapon and mount as bonus. By the way, a real collectional publication with the statuette and other things will be available later.

Having pre-order gives you not only early access, but also Palom minion, 30 extra percent to gained experience and new avatar (it’s just for PlayStation).

Here you can see the short (6 minutes) trailer which tells you more about the update:

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