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Final Fantasy 16: New information about the game

Square Enix fans were actually prepared not to receive any news about Final Fantasy 16 at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. The team around producer Naoki Yoshida was not yet satisfied with the quality of the title and did not want to show any new material. Nevertheless, Yoshida commented on the new Final Fantasy title in a livestream during the Tokyo Game Show last Saturday.

According to Yoshida, the main design of Final Fantasy 16 is complete. He also assured that the development team is currently completing the remaining side quests that will appear in the game. Yoshida also said that the game’s character models are almost complete as well, with only a few more quality improvements to be made to the game.

This slow, steady release of information about the new game may not be particularly satisfying to fans, but it is by design. Yoshida has previously stated that Square Enix is ​​deliberately holding back on Final Fantasy 16 news in order to avoid excessive hype about the game. In an interview with the Washington Post in February this year, Yoshida said the following:

“We don’t want to say something that is immature and leads to speculation about the title. For every Final Fantasy fan, the point at which they get upset is different, depending on which Final Fantasy title they are in the mood for Has.”

With this, Square Enix wants to protect itself clearly against unrealizable expectations. When the first trailer was unveiled as part of the PS5 Showcase in 2020, the fans were very dissatisfied with the graphics shown in the trailer.

Yoshida assured at the time that this won’t be the final look of the game. With the completion of the main design, this hurdle should now be overcome. Thanks to the strived for perfectionism of the entire team, fans have to be patient about the unveiling of a release date.

“Everyone will probably have their own idea of ​​what the next Final Fantasy should look like,” Yoshida said in an interview with the Washington Post. “Saying something immature is definitely a high risk. When something is said, someone picks it up on social media and it starts to spread and people build expectations. So when we reveal more information with ‘Final Fantasy 16’ Let’s hope we can show what kind of game it will be and what kind of anticipation we want to create. “

We are definitely looking forward to more information and will keep you updated on Final Fantasy 16 news.

With its quality standards, Square Enix clearly differs from other development studios. What do you think of this reluctance? Do you prefer to be “hyped” on a game or can you be patient?

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