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Final Fantasy 14 showed a lot of interesting things in the trailer.

So, the Healers in Final Fantasy 14 only have to wait a bit before they can spread their wings. During the Final Fantasy 14 announcement demo, director Naoki Yoshida revealed a new healer: an original work called Sage, the first of two classes to appear with the new 6.0 expansion called Endwalker. With this announcement, Yoshida (and his translator) also discussed the upcoming broad changes in the healer’s role.

The Sage’s own role will be a ” barrier healer” who, like the Final Fantasy 14 Scientist, focuses on barriers and defensive measures, as well as buffs. The character manipulates a sharp etheric channeling weapon called “Nulites “(pronounced” NEW Lites”) with their aether. Weapons are used to help other players, as well as to attack enemies and create buffs for the player’s own magical abilities.

And also, the new trailer for Sage shows a pretty nifty fighting style, with four blades that race across the bya field. As well as the blades, of course, will visually change when changing weapons (and glamour, of course), so the battle will certainly be bright.

The developers also touched on the broader healer changes that will come, given how the Sage fits in among others. Yoshida mentions that the Sage is a” barrier “healer, as opposed to the” pure healing” of a White Magician without barriers. It sounds like Final Fantasy 14 will see a few more changes in the way healers are treated. There was mention of a change in the role of the Astrologer, who will approach the role of “pure healing”, as opposed to the Scientist, who will continue to focus on barriers. It was mentioned that the changes will also be reflected in the MMO party finder, along with the official division of long-range DPS types into “magic” and “physical” long-range. However, we don’t know exactly how this change will affect the healers.

In the context of the broader Final Fantasy franchise, what’s particularly good is that it’s a completely exclusive new work. However, its creation makes sense in the world of  Final Fantasy 14,since the research of the aether fascinates scientists even in all universes. We also already have ethereal weapons, such as Armourers ‘ ammo, which, as players may remember through Tancred’s time with Rhyne, require someone to carefully fill their aether before each use.

Speaking of lore, Sage combat was first showcased through the NPC Alphinaud in the newest expansion trailer, when he helped his twin Alice and helped overcome scary beasts. We didn’t see this new work until later during the post-Shadowbringers expansions, as this is how most classes were introduced in the past. But the developers assure us that we will see how Alfino deals with this during the main story of Endwalker. The in-game world of Final Fantasy 14 was also quite calm about the development of this technology, and the developers were still silent about the fact that the healer was revealed at all.

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