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Final Fantasy 14 has published patch notes.

Finally, we waited for it. Final Fantasy XIV  has released patch notes for its upcoming Death To Dawn update today. The patch notes set the stage for next week’s 5.5 update, which will appear in the MMO alongside the expected PS5 beta.The patch notes give players a deeper look at what to expect from next week’s patch, including a list of new major scripted quests to expect from Death To Dawn. Also, the notes detail what we already know a bit about with patch 5.5, which will bring with it many quality-of-life changes to the MMO, such as changes in how achievement rewards and rule changes affect the Triple Triad.

The patch notes also list a new trial version being added, a Cloud Deck, and a new YoRHa Neir-flavored cross over event quest sequel. New home furniture in FFXIV is also being added with this patch, giving home decorators more ideas to make their homes the best in the area. Patch 5.5 also coincides with the launch of Final Fantasy XIV on the PS5 in open beta testing. The team detailed how players can upgrade to the updated version and upgrade from existing PlayStation 4 versions. The PlayStation 5 version provides improved loading time, 4K resolution, and a higher frame rate compared to the PS4 counterpart.

In addition, players can check out the full extensive patch notes to see what awaits you more fully when Final Fаnatasy XIV patch 5.5 Death To Dawn launches next week, April 13. Also, in case you missed it, FFXIV currently deals with the problem of predators in that they are completely invincible. Earlier this month, it was also announced that the MMORPG has hit 22 million registered users across all of its platforms.

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