FIFA 22: Team of the Group Stage starts on Friday

FIFA 22: Team of the Group Stage starts on Friday

In FIFA 22 the next event begins with the “Team of the Group Stage”, in which strong cards lead to the current soccer tournaments in Ultimate Team. Here’s what to expect.

When does the event start? The Team of the Group Stage (TOTGS) event will begin on Friday evening December 3rd at 7:00 pm. This shows a current loading screen in Ultimate Team.

The concrete contents of the event are not yet officially known, but it can be assumed that you can expect new, strong special cards in the packs of Ultimate Team. In addition, there should probably be new weekly goals and squad building challenges to complete.

What are TOTGS cards? We already know the TOTGS event from previous versions of the FIFA series. The “Team of the Group Stage” is made up of cards for players who did particularly well in the group stage of the European cup competitions.

That should be the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League this year. The latter was also represented at the RTTK event. It is still unclear which cards are included. However, there are already a few ideas about who could get a special card.

TOTGS Predictions and Leaks in FIFA 22

Which players could be there? Since the cards have to be from players who are actually participating in the respective competitions, the possible field of participants is already limited. As usual, the FIFA community is already thinking about which players could be there. For example, the FIFA trader “DonkTrading” shared an alleged leak from “TrustyFutTrader”, according to which players like:

  • Marquinhos
  • Lewandowski
  • C. Ronaldo
  • Cancelo
  • Salah
  • should be there.
Other names are also being discussed in the FIFA subreddit, for example. Among other things, Leipzig’s Nkunku is mentioned, who has already been able to collect some special cards, as well as players such as:
  • Haller
  • Sané
  • Tiago Djalo
  • Donnarumma

Important: The previous names are not officially confirmed cards, but only leaks and predictions from the community. Who is actually in the TOTGS will not be shown until Friday evening. And if you’re not really looking forward to a new event in FIFA 22, you can play Destiny 2 or Outriders.

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