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FIFA 22: new update coming soon

FIFA 22 gets its first major update. Title Update 1 takes care of little things at every nook and cranny of the game and adjusts some gameplay aspects.

When is the FIFA 22 update coming? The update was announced on Twitter on October 6th for “soon” for the PC. As a rule, updates after such announcements always came in the course of the day.

On the consoles you will probably have to wait a little longer for the update. As usual from previous offshoots in the series, the update should first be installed on the PC before it appears on PlayStation and Xbox at a later date.

Below you will find an overview of what Title Update 1 in FIFA 22 has in store for you.

This is in the new FIFA 22 update – patch notes

Basically, there are a lot of points in the patch notes for the first update in FIFA 22. On Twitter, EA describes the update as a way to “polish” many areas of the game. Accordingly, a large part of it deals with small things and details.

For example:

  • Menu improvements
  • Minor bugs in gameplay
  • Display error
  • Changes to certain animations. For example, the walkout animation for packs is now slightly delayed, or fan choreos can now be seen in the stadium when the game is paused.

Update changes goalkeepers: The strong goalkeepers have been a big topic in FIFA 22 so far. After all, the goalkeepers hold noticeably more balls than in previous years.

Now the update is turning a little on the goalkeepers: They should no longer hold balls that are fired into the upper corner within the penalty area as effectively. In particular, this should apply to shots that hit the goal from 11.27 meters or less. These are extremely difficult to hold shots in real life and are likely to hit more often in the future.

At the same time, however, new goalkeeper animations were added that are used when they try to block a high finesse shot. The effectiveness of the keeper should only be “slightly” increased with these shots, according to the patch notes. First and foremost, the goalkeeper’s reactions to such shots should look more authentic.

How this will ultimately work out in the game remains to be seen. Because the finesse shots, especially from a great distance, proved to be extremely effective in the first few days. Tips for shooting in FIFA 22 can be found here.

In addition, minor situations are adjusted, such as incorrect parades. Last but not least, there were sometimes problems with goalkeepers who used their hands to block when sprinting out of the box. That should no longer happen either.

Improved Defenders: Not only the goalkeepers, but also the defenders are slightly modified. To be precise: if you have a corner of your own, you should be more careful. Here the defensive people should better cover possible counter situations.

In addition, slides are to be improved, which are used to intercept balls that are being played. That should also help when defending counter-attacks. That changes in the gameplay: In addition to the player adjustments, a few other changes come into play.

  • The referee logic is improved. More fouls with tackles should be called at high speed, while light contact leads to a foul less often.
  • The throwing accuracy is improved.
  • Faked shots could lead to the pass – this is fixed.

Along with all of these changes, some new songs are also being added to FIFA 22, and 31 new starheads are also coming into play. These are realistic faces of certain players – EA still left open which ones they are.

What problems do you currently have with the game? Are you satisfied with the changes – or should something else be adjusted from your point of view?

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