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FIFA 22: More exclusive features for next-gen consoles and Google Stadia

After the HyperMotion technology announced last month, which should ensure a more responsive and smoother gameplay, EA has now introduced additional features that will be exclusively available for next-gen consoles and Google Stadia. The main focus is on new intro sequences when milestones are reached.

It shouldn’t be the only next-gen console exclusive feature. In a blog update EA explains which mechanics will also not be available for the PC and the last-gen devices.

Milestones reached are to be celebrated with new sequences. Specifically, it is about new intro sequences. FIFA 22 wants to really celebrate your successes and milestones. Therefore, news reports should be displayed if, for example, you have played or won a certain number of games or if you were able to achieve certain performances.

While last-gen and PC players are fed the news reports, next-gen and Stadia owners get new intro sequences. They should run before the match and allow the commentator to pick up on your success. New cinematic cutscenes during the warm-up, in the locker room or the team’s final preparations before the game are intended to increase the tension.

If your players got up on the wrong foot and play badly, parts of the audience could even leave the stadium. Don’t worry, of course they won’t get their money back.

More features for everyone. In addition, EA has introduced some mechanics that the entire community will enjoy. The latest FIFA part relies on a high degree of customization in particular. From the club crest to the stadium lawn: You can easily set all of this yourself.

Of course, you also have a large selection at your club and you can, for example, determine the star rating and the average age of the players. The nationality of the newly generated players, however, depends on the overall nationality of your team and is offset as a percentage.

EA also wants to entice FIFA fans with skill trees and perks. You can find a detailed overview of all the features presented on the EA website. Incidentally, the Live Tuning Tool was recently introduced, with which updates should be implemented even faster in the future. We will of course stay tuned for you until FIFA 22 is in stores on October 1st, 2021.

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