FIFA 22 changes shots and passes in a new update

FIFA 22 changes shots and passes in a new update

EA has released the new Live Tuning Update 2 for FIFA 22, which, among other things, adjusts the speed of various shots. Here you can find out what is changing.

What are Live Tuning Updates? With the new Live Tuning Updates, which were only recently introduced, EA can make changes to the gameplay of FIFA 22 without having to roll out a proper title update. This allows EA Sports to address gameplay issues faster and more frequently. We’ll show you what’s going to change with the second LTU (Live Tuning Update).

When is the update coming? The new LTU is now available for FIFA 22 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC (Origin / Steam), and Stadia. When you start FIFA 22, you should be able to see a message about the new update.

EA recommends closing FIFA 22 and restarting it as soon as the message about Live Update 2 appears in the game. This is to ensure that the update is installed.

That changes with Live Tuning Update 2. With the release of the new live update, EA released patch notes describing changes to finesse shots and D-pad tactics.

About the finesse shots it says:

  • The speed of the ball for finesse shots inside and outside the penalty area has been increased.
  • Within the penalty area, this applies to finesse shots that are up to 11.5 meters from the goal.
  • From a distance of 11.6 to 19.8 meters, the speed of the ball is also increased, but a little less strongly.

So you should now have more opportunities to finish in the penalty area and get the ball into the goal more precisely. But in addition to the finesse shots, the speed of normal ground passes should also be slightly faster.

That changes with the D-Pad tactics:

  • If you set a D-Pad tactic, it now applies for 20 seconds. Before it was 15 seconds. The time is only counted if the team is not on the ball with the set tactics.
  • D-Pad tactics cooldown decreased from 120 seconds to 100 seconds.

What do you think of the new Live Tuning Update? Or do you prefer games like Outriders or Division 2?

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