FIFA 22: 7 players who help you to win in the Weekend League

FIFA 22: 7 players who help you to win in the Weekend League

In the Weekend League, the toughest competition in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, meta-players are the key to racking up lots of victories. So if you want to keep up, you can’t get past these players. We show you 7 strong meta cards that are really strong at the moment.

What kind of cards are these? These cards are particularly popular in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and predominantly dominate the Weekend League. This is because the cards fit perfectly with the current gameplay of FIFA 22 and offer exactly the right values ​​in their positions.

Therefore, you will often meet such or similar players in the Weekend League and should also rely on meta-players for better results.

There is only one shortcoming: because the cards are so popular, not all of them are particularly cheap. Nevertheless, we tried to present you cards from all price categories.

7 strong meta cards for the Weekend League

Here we introduce you to meta-cards, which are particularly good options in the Weekend League at the current time. This year there is a noticeably high number of French meta cards. So if you already have a few French on your team, these cards will fit your team particularly well.

Presnel Kimpembe: Kimpembe has a card that looks a bit nondescript at first glance. But when you meet an opponent online who is betting on Kimpembe, you quickly realize how incredibly good the defender is. He’s fast, physically strong, and just clears away anything that gets in his way. In addition, Kimpembe has surprisingly good ball control, which makes him the current meta-defender par excellence.

This is what the card costs: You currently have to pay around 20,000 coins for Kimpembe.

Renaud Ripart: The Rulebreakers card from Ripart is a real bargain with very good values ​​in almost all areas. The striker is versatile and surprisingly cuts an excellent figure, especially in the ZDM position. If you then give him a shadow chemistry style, you have an arrow-fast and defensively strong all-rounder in the midfield, who also offers great shot values. So Ripart is a real miracle weapon.

This is what the card costs: You can currently find Ripart on the transfer market for an incredibly cheap 12,000 coins.

Heung-min Son: The South Korean’s gold card has everything you could want from a winger: He’s fast, has a fantastic shot, strong pass values ​​and very good dribbling stats. In addition, there is the combination of 4-star skill moves and the valuable 5 stars for weak feet, which ensure that you can shoot at goal with Son from any position.

That costs the card: For Son you currently have to flip around 60,000 coins.

Jesus Corona:The Mexican midfielder’s rule breakers card is currently very popular in FUT 22, which is probably due to the fact that the FC Porto player has 5-star skill moves and 5 stars for weak feet. A rare combination that not many cards, apart from icons, have to offer. But his stats are fantastic too. He can score particularly well in the areas of speed, shooting, dribbling and passing with terrific values. The only problem is likely to be building a Mexican from the Portuguese league into your own team.

That costs the card: The Mexican midfielder’s card currently costs 57,000 coins.

Dayot Upamecano: If your budget is tight, Upamecano is a really cheap meta player who can reliably stop opposing strikers. He has everything a good defender in FIFA 22 currently needs: He’s fast, tall, reasonably agile and has excellent defensive and physical stats.

This is what the card costs: You can currently get the Upamecano gold card for 2,400 coins. If you have a full FUT account, it is worth taking a look at his 84 TOTW card. This is even better in all areas.

Jonathan Bamba: Again we introduce a French rule breakers card in this list. This time we’re talking about Bamba, who is a great addition to Rulebreakers Ripart. The winger has outstanding values ​​in shooting, speed, passing and dribbling. It also convinces with the popular 4-star combination for weak feet and the skill moves. Its only drawback is the high price.

This is what the card costs: The rule breakers card is currently available for around 100,000 coins on the transfer market.

Wissam Ben Yedder: What would a meta list be without Ben Yedder? The French striker has become a real horror for many players in recent years. But when you play in the storm with Ben Yedder, you quickly realize why he is so feared: He is fast, can shoot well and has very strong dribbling stats. But the best thing about the card should be the 5 stars for weak feet, which hardly a striker can offer for such a low price.

That costs the card: For Ben Yedder you only have to spend around 5,000 coins at the moment.

What do you think of the cards? Do you have any tips for meta cards in FIFA 22 yourself? Or do you prefer completely different games, for example Destiny 2 or Diablo 2 Resurrected?

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