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FFXIV has another new game class: Reaper.

Each new expansion, the Final Fantasy XIV team did a pretty good job of giving new classes to keep the player pool sharp. Now we know, thanks to the ongoing FFXIV fan festival, another new game class: Reaper, a melee fighter with a scythe.This new class features a two-handed scythe and a rather surprising “sharp” aesthetic. In this new melee DPS class, our Light Warrior teams up with a spirit called” avatar ” from the void to deliver devastating blows. The aesthetic is still quite parallel to Soulsborne’s influences, with the cape and the obligatory wide hat covering the eyes. However, as explained during the Fan Festival keynote, the” subclass ” of armor will be shared with the Dragoon, meaning that most Dragoon armor will not be exclusive to the Reaper, and vice versa.

But in terms of knowledge, the player serves as the host for this avatar, which itself looks quite intimidating. The avatar is summoned from the void, which is a concept with a deep subtext that players have discovered through high-end knowledge of Shadow Bringers, turns out to be something more than just a state of aether-devouring madness. Players, in turn, can use the Void Avatar’s abilities and void abilities to attack their enemies. With all this knowledge and aesthetic considerations, it looks like they’ve created a visually sick new class. The particle effects are bright and gorgeous, and the attacks are dynamic, which does not disappoint players who dreamed of swinging a scythe. There is already a cosmetic scythe available for real money that resembles the famous deep dungeon boss, and it remains a popular purchase for many players. Some players even use botany to get a scythe aesthetic for their players.

And in order to dive in, there will be no pre-class. However, you will need to purchase the Endwalker expansion, and you will need to have at least one combat class at level 70. Fortunately, however, the class will start at level 70 once you pick it up in the Ould, so you won’t have to go through what you do for the Dark Knight or other “base” classes. This is the second of two new classes to be introduced in the latest expansion, as well as a second class concept new to the Final Fantasy franchise. The other is Sage, a new take on the healer that includes almost Gundam-like peripheral laser bench machines.

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