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Few patches have been released for Elder Scrolls Online.

More recently, a few patches were released for Elder Scrolls Online that were able to bring some fixes to the Flames of Ambition DLC on Xbox One in addition to fixing the missing guild list history on PC and Mac. Here are some key points from both patches.

In case you missed it, Flames of Ambition is the latest DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, creating the Black Drake Villa dungeon and the Cauldron dungeon. It also brought a lot of changes in ESO Champion Points Farm. In addition, the recently released Blackwood Prologue quests develop this storyline. This DLC and prologue created the story for the upcoming Blackwood chapter, which is due out in June.

So, the Xbox One patch contains several fixes for Flames of Ambition. Fixes specific to Black Drake Villa include:

  • Common.
  • Тhe description of the “Arrested Amphibians” achievement now correctly mentions the Fire Favor effect.
  • The Bullseye achievement now correctly mentions that it was achieved at Black Drake’s villa.
  • Meanwhile, the Cauldron is getting ready to get some boss fixes.: The Bull Blood of the Depraved, the overseer of Vixia, and the Baron of Zaudrus.
  • The corpses of the Fire Behemoths are now permanently usable.


The patch for PC and Mac, meanwhile, brings a few more general UI fixes for addons, combat, and more. these fixes include:

  • Battle.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual state of the champion stars was not displayed properly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the key binding bar could get into a bad state when quickly switching between the Champion screen and other screens.

  • Information about offline players from Friends/Guilds lists is now displayed correctly for players who have been offline for some time.Addons.
    Fixed an issue where the Champion user interface could cause errors. user interface when using the Champion purchase addon API. The API itself remains unchanged.

And also, more recently, the problem persisted on all Sony machines, which led to a hitch. However, the issue has been identified and the team is working with Sony to deploy a fix. As a result, the Anniversary event was extended to all venues.

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