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Few fixes to Naxxramas.

So, in the latest update, PTR WoW Classic brings a few fixes to Naxxramas, as well as other changes to items and more.

What was fixed in Naxxramas?

  • The range of Hagan the Impure’s ability to Burn mana is now slightly longer if Hagan tanks on his platform during the Phase 1 encounter.
  • Fixed a few places in the area impure collisions of Hagan, where the Waves of the plague overlap each other and cause double damage.
  • The update also makes adjustments to the Paladin seals, which now persist for a short time once they have been replaced with another seal. According to the developer’s note,

“The concept of ‘twisting the seal’ was only possible due to the dosing of spells. With a significantly reduced batch size, we add a small buffer when you swap the seals to allow you to scroll two in one swing. This wasn’t an intentional interaction in the original WoW, but it’s a fun quirk of classic WoW gameplay, and we want to allow the Paladins to retain the ability to do so.”

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