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Festival of New Life in Elder Scrolls Online.

Very soon, namely tomorrow, the festival of new life will begin in elder scrolls online. what can players hope for?

So, the festival will start at 10A Eastern time and last until January 5, 10A Eastern time. So, if you want to take part in the festivities, then you just need to grab the New Life Festival quest in the crown store.

In any other event, players will be able to enjoy multiple rewards by completing daily tasks. Filling these Ketas will bring you a gift box that may contain the following:

  • Draughts of stealth and flight to celebrate the trial of five-billed treachery.
  • Recipes For A new life.
  • a selection of lights, lamps and lanterns for your home to celebrate the signal fire sprint.
  • Chapters of the Skinchanger motif.

There will also be a lot of new collectibles that players can grab, such as a Swallow sword as a keepsake, firebreather torches , a bag for mud balls as a keepsake, a Colovian filigree hat with a hood, and so on.

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