Fans of Apex Legends players found hidden buff for Gibraltar, the Respawn issue

Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ update 1.1.1 came with the big changes to Gibraltar, and Caustic: now the both heroes can get smaller to compensate their larger size. Gibraltar’s Gun Shield particularly now can stand more damage before it’s destroyed, which is increasing his durability.

But, as Reddit user VonArne says, Gibraltar now is able to discard Arc Stars. The player showed a demonstrating video, but some people states that the problem had been here since before 1.1.1.

Arc Stars can be compared to sticky grenades. You will cause some damage, if you stick someone with one. But in Gibraltar’s instance this can be tougher.

The issue can be solved if you just put away the Gun Shield when an Arc Star sticks to it. At first players thought this was simply an undocumented change though, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette assured it wasn’t made in some purpose, and affirmed that the developer is looking into it.

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