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Fallout Worlds will be presented very soon.

So, this September, Bethesda will be able to introduce Fallout Worlds, new customizable servers for Fallout 76 that will allow players to change their rule sets and create the Appalachian they’ve always wanted to experience.

But the new Fallout 76 servers will be available for purchase only if you have a subscription to Fallout 1, but non-subscribers can still join and play on other servers, according to an announcement on the Bethesda blog. The Bethesda team offers two new types of user servers: public and, well, custom, and the public versions are a rotation of worlds created by developers with custom sets of rules for players. For those who still decide to get their own server, you can configure a set of rules, starting with free construction, Endless ammunition for players, weather effects, unlimited combat AP and much more.

Fallout 76 players can really get to know new types of servers through PTS, starting, well, actually, now. The Fallout 76 custom ruleset servers will only be launched in September, and no set date has been announced yet. Fallout 76 players can jump into the newly released chapter of Steel Reign, however, after seeing the continuation of the story arc of the Brotherhood of Steel for survival.

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