Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition, the saga of the canvas bag

Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition, the saga of the canvas bag – long waited replacement

fallout 76 canvas bag

After a half a year of waiting, Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition buyers are finally getting their promised canvas bag replacements. Fallout 76 is not the most popular looter-shooter. Destiny2, Division2 and Outriders surpass it in numbers by a lot shot.

In The Beginning Was Nylon

The Fallout 76 canvas bag case is something Bethesda probably didn’t expect when it first revealed the game’s collector’s edition. And yet it wasn’t the canvas bags as was promised, but nylon ones that served as a type of symbol for Fallout 76 that representing Bethesda’s inability to deliver a quality product as advertised.

Naturally, fans were pissed back then. Who wouldn’t, the nylon bags were shipping in the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 that cost $200. Complaints were heard, and back on December 18 of last year the Fallout 76 team reported that canvas bag replacements will be shipped in the next week or so. And that didn’t occur, evidently, as many followers are simply getting their baggage now.

Seven Months Later

The canvas bags have finally been delivered to fans. Eurogamer has picked up on a number of tweets from the owners:

“The replacement is pretty damn decent!”

“I have the original plastic one, and I have to say that the new one is a significant improvement to the old. Stitching is solid, the lettering pops and it feels good.”

Similar to the bags case, Bethesda is trying to support Fallout 76 in the long haul. Now it’s adding NPC quest givers in the Wastelanders update. In addition, during E3 2019 week, the developer released a battle royale mode called Nuclear Winter that was well received by fans.

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