MMORPG Elyon Beta Client pre-download is available

MMORPG Elyon Beta Client can be pre-downloaded

It became possible to preload the client in the launch of the closed beta stage of the western version of MMORPG Elyon anticipation. Firstly, you need to install a launcher on a special page. Anyone can do this, but you will need a CBT invitation to download the client itself through it.

Let us remind you, that testing will take place from May 6 (15:00 Moscow time) until May 10 (11:00 Moscow time). Users who will be selected at random among those ones who managed to apply before April 25 will be able to take part. In addition, it is possible for you to obtain keys through various distributions and contests.

As it was previously announced, the CBT version is a copy of the January 27 Korean client patch with some minor visual and in-game changes. At the beginning, one server will be available for Europe and America, but they plan to add new ones if it’s necessary. All accumulated progress will be deleted after the end of the test.

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