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Everything you need to know about Gotham Knights.

So, today is quite interesting news for all DC fans. Warner Bros. Studios Montreal during the event DC Fandome officially announced its new game-Batman: Gotham Knights.

According to the story, the Bat cave is blown up, and Bruce Wayne allegedly dies-other heroes will have to take his place. By the way, the trailer mentions that Jim Gordon also died in the universe.

The characters will face the court of Owls — an influential secret organization that has been monitoring the city for years and secretly pulling strings from behind the scenes. But, according to the developers, the mystery of what is happening is not focused solely on these antagonists.

  • The rest of the “Bat family” like Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and red Hood will participate in the story.
  • Play will give for all — there will be an online cooperative for two players
  • The heroes will have their own base — Belfry
  • According to the video, vehicles will also return
  • You can customize the characters.
  • In addition to them, you will meet old familiar villains — for example, Mr. Freeze. The latter acts as the boss in the opening passage of the gameplay. And teasers hinted at two-Face.

Judging by the gameplay video, the enemies now have levels, and the blows are accompanied by thematic statistics.

By the way, here’s some more new from an EVEN newer trailer.

  • The characters have their own unique techniques: for example, Batgirl can summon a flock of bats, and Robin can teleport;
  • The opponents have levels, and when they hit them, damage points fly out;
  • Opponents in the game adjust to the level of the main character, including bosses – with increasing levels, they may have new abilities;
  • You can customize your appearance;
  • Judging by the gameplay trailer, there will be a full-fledged loot and loot collection system;
  • The game has a large open world, recreated most of Gotham;
  • The gameplay is recorded from an early version of the game, the fps in it is very unstable;
  • The game is released in 2021, the platforms are unknown.

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