Everything about Sons of the Forest game

Everything about Sons of the Forest game

The new survival game Sons of the Forest is often only called “The Forest 2” in the community – as the successor to the popular survival hit. We reveal what you need to know about the release and content of Sons of the Forest.

When is Sons of the Forest be released? The game will be released on May 20, 2022. The release comes after some postponements and a long silence around the new part. The announcement caused a hype at The Forest on Steam.

Will there be early access? The developers have not commented on this. The Forest was in Early Access for 4 years before getting the 1.0 release. However, Sons of the Forest is slated to appear directly on May 20, 2022.

Which platforms can I play on? So far there are no confirmed platforms for Sons of the Forest. However, the first part was playable on PC and PlayStation, which is what we expect from the successor. However, The Forest didn’t hit the PS4 until 4 years after its release.

How much will Sons of the Forest cost? A specific price for the game has not yet been published. Since developer Endnight Games is an indie studio, the price could be well below AAA developments.

So far there are only three trailers for Sons of the Forest. The latest trailer is from December 2021 and shows some features, background information on the story and the release date.

Sons of the Forest story and gameplay

What is Sons of the Forest about? The story was already the drive for players to play over and over again in the popular first part of The Forest. Depending on the decisions you made, the game had different endings. In Sons of the Forest you seem to play Timmy, the protagonist’s son, who has now gotten older. You have your mission tattooed on your arm: to fight demons. Now you apparently crash your helicopter on the same island that was the scene of the first part, as the second trailer for Sons of the Forest shows. How it will proceed has not yet been revealed. The trailers show that you are defending yourself against mutants and cannibals again.

The luxury bunker “Holosprings” advertises guests there with amenities such as a gourmet kitchen, private courtyard, personal chef, a pool and more. It is quite possible that this is a trap and that the operators have been the antagonists since the first part. In one scene, an older man also appears who shouts: “Take cover, son!” Before shooting a shotgun at a mountain of meat that is throwing babies at you. So the protagonist of The Forest may also play a role again.

What features does the game have? The Forest focused on story and exploration, but also offered survival elements such as construction and crafting. The same can already be seen in the trailers for Sons of the Forest.

You can apparently build a small base and have to defend it against NPCs while you get to the bottom of the island’s secrets. Boss opponents are apparently also playing a role again.

Some innovations can also already be seen:

  • a mutant who helps you and apparently serves as an ally – maybe even as a player character
  • some new opponents
  • many firearms, although a shortage of ammunition was indicated in the trailer

Its predecessor, The Forest, is a huge hit on Steam and can still attract thousands of players despite its age. The game, released in 2014, is one of the best survival games ever. But if you like other genres of games more, try Outriders or Division 2.

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