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Events after the Christmas Truce.

Let’s talk about developments after the Christmas truce. In the Second World War in EVE Online, will return to battle with pleasure, but perhaps no one expected this. On December 30, Goonswarm and PAPI forces clashed in M2-XFE over the Keepstar Imperium in a battle likely to be remembered in the annals of the game’s history.

Both sides committed huge resources to the battlefield, with initial reports of 5,000 combatants, 706 titans, 500 supers, and 600 facs among the ships involved. The battle had already caused a large number of Titans to fail, and the initial report indicated that 76 Titans had been destroyed. By the end of all this, both sides had lost a huge amount of equipment, five Supercarriers, dozens of aircraft carriers and hundreds of Titans and Dreadnoughts were destroyed in battle. In total, 23 trillion claims were lost, resulting in approximately $ 300,000 being blown into space dust. The battle also brought an amazing album of images from the front line.

The battle on M2-XFE is the cap of an already active 2020 for EVE Online, both in terms of World War Bee 2 and overall updates. In fact, this event even received an award from us here at MOP itself. CCP Games presented a summary of last year’s events in the latest episode of Pulse for 2020.

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