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EVE Online-World War Bee 2 Continues.

In EVE Online, the global conflict between the largest alliances in the face of Legacy Coalition/panfam (PAPI) and The Imperium continues, which leads to more and more destruction. We invite you to get acquainted with the events of the 27th week of war World War Bee 2.

After the next world records, last week turned out to be a little calmer, although activity still remains at a fairly high level. From January 3 to 9, there were 5 battles outside the border 1DQ1-A and T5ZI-S, as well as the M2-XFE system blocked by the gunas, whose total losses exceeded 20 billion ISK. The real estimated cost of the war is approaching the $ 2 million mark.

The main actions take place on three fronts.

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