EVE Online Live Stream Later Today Looks at Friendship Machine


Heads up Capsuleers, a new EVE Online live stream is set to take place at 7p UTC / 3p ET today.

The stream was announced on Twitter, and will be hosted by CCP CEO Hellmar and CCP Ghost Senior Strategist,

“Join CCP CEO Hellmar and CCP Ghost Sr. Strategist this wed 27th 7PM UTC as they go deep into the cogs of the EVE Friendship Machine and the real life learnings EVE can teach players. EVE Doc “Even Asteroids Are Not Alone” will also be screened Twitch.tv/CCP”

You’ll be able to view the stream today over on their official Twitch channel. In recent EVE Online news, the final chapter of the Triglavian invasion was launched. This final chapter carries some significance as it not only wraps up the story of this past year, but also stories dating back to 2014’s Caroline’s Star event.

New structures were included as part of this new chapter, as will an emphasis on player agency with the press release stating,

“At the core of EVE Online is a universe where actions have consequences, and this year the consequences of the Invasion storyline will have deep and lasting effects on players. Players will have to make their choice carefully – will they side with the new invaders, or will they resist?” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Chapter 3 delivers a universe-changing event with a series of activities and player-driven decisions that will span the summer and change the landscape of EVE forever!”

And while you’re at it, check out our EVE Echoes interview with Wei Su, Senior Producer at NetEase Games, Shicheng Zhou, Game Designer at NetEase Games, and Bing Xi, General Manager CCP Shanghai.

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