EVE Online, Invasion update: date release, improvements, video review

EVE Online, Invasion update: date release, improvements, video review

EVE Online

The new Invasion expansion of EVE Online will seemingly reach us earlier than its set date, to be exact we will see it on May 28th. It will bring the ancient Triglavian race and make it show up from their strange mysterious realm and come to the New Eden star cluster, crushing everything on their way.

New Stuff to Explore

More to wait: the Triglavian incursions, a new set of tech 2 Triglavian ships, new mutaplasmids for damage controls and assault damage controls, and some other massive changes. The next step of the war declaration upgrade will make simpler war fees adding a flat fee system. The Agency will be largely improved too with new options to ease things more for newcomers, and some balance changes will touch faction weapons.


This expansion based on the recent storyline revolving around the Abyssal Deadspace PvE gameplay mode. Players come to the Abyssal dungeons, then Triglavian shipyards cross their path with the ships way more huge than a titan are under construction. By assaulting the shipyard players were able to loot Triglavian communication terminals. However ESO Zones have very reach lore and interesting story for the adventurers to play through.

The messages

The terminals’ messages are represented as videos including partial ship schematics and Triglavian text, which players with great efforts translated and joined into whole thing. The language of these logs is bizarre, so they hard to decipher; players assume that the collective is testing our skills. The latest of the messages tells about accepted plan to encounter our space, which actually should be massive invasion with large Triglavian motherships.

Player organisation Arataka Research has represented the video of the recent changes, you can watch it below.

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