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EVE Echoes is one year old.

Well, the mobile analogue of EVE Online, EVE Echoes, is one year old! To celebrate this event, NetEase and CCP are announcing a live broadcast on July 31 on the occasion of the anniversary, including gift giveaways and much more. If you are a little unfamiliar with EVE Echoes, then briefly it is a mobile MMO based on the principles and principles of EVE Online design. In Echoes, you can create your own character and create your own patch in the trademark sandbox environment.

The look of the game is something impossible, in addition to how it looked like a real EVE Online experience. As for the live broadcast of the anniversary. Earlier this year, EVE Echoes saw its first major content update in Indomitable. But not everything was smooth for the mobile space MMO sandbox. Shortly after its release, EVE Echoes suffered from bots. One alliance wanted to do something about this annoying problem.

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