Changes are Coming to ESO's Vampire Skill Line

Changes are Coming to ESO’s Vampire Skill Line with Greymoor and Update 26


The Elder Scrolls Online, shared some information on the changes that are coming to the vampire skill line in the newest chapter, Greymoore.

The Vampire skill line will be a part of the new update 26. It coincides with the release of Greymoor which is May 26 on PC. June 9 on console.Kyle Nowak, Combat Designer, gave the following explanation,

“The Vampire Skill Line has not seen significant changes since its inception, beyond some minor combat balancing tweaks. Given the timing of this Chapter and the feedback we’ve seen from players over the years, it felt like the right moment.”

New abilities are awaiting players along as actual changes. The goal, of developer’s team, was to really make the skill line much more engaging with combat in mind. Here is what Kyle Nowak says,

“For the combat, we used a set of clearly defined gameplay concepts to help describe the experience and the ability synergies we wanted to create. With the main themes being Blood Magic, hit-and-run aggressiveness, and stealth and elusiveness.”

Blood Frenzy is an example of an ability that is going to drain your own health in exchange for more weapon and spell damage. Eviscerate, on the other hand, is meant to be spammed. He simply deals more damage in ESO Boost depending on how much health you’re missing.

A new ultimate was also revealed. Blood Scion transforms you into a beast which boosts your magicka, stamina, and health. Players are going to be able to heal when they damage others. As a plus they will be able to see enemies through walls.

Blood Curse is also receiving changes. Each stage of the curse decreasing your vampire ability cost and activating passives. It was expected that there would be trade-offs like a reduction in Health Recovery. An increase in damage from Flame attacks and an increase cost for non-Vampire abilities.

According to Gameplay Lead Rob Garret,

“One of the ways we’re attempting to make the choice of becoming a vampire more consequential is by having the world acknowledge and respond to your status as a vampire. Vampirism is feared and shunned by most people in Tamriel, so it makes sense to trigger Justice reactions when townsfolk notice a visitor with a Stage 4 affliction, or witness a gruesome act that is overtly Vampiric in nature.”

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