ESO: Pan-Elsweyr Celebration coming soon

ESO: Pan-Elsweyr Celebration coming soon

The Elsweyr Festival starts on July 22nd (10AM EDT) and runs until August 3rd. During this event, you will be able to earn additional loot, unique rewards and event tickets as you wander through Northern and Southern Elsweyr.

To participate in the event, pick up the introductory quest “A Visit to Elsweyr” from the in-game Crown Store or head straight to the event area.

If you do not own the Elsweyr Chapter or Dragonhold Expansion, they will be available for purchase ESO Boosting from the Crown Store at a discount throughout the event.

By completing quests, exploring unique areas and participating in different adventures during the Elsweyr Festival, you will receive special rewards – Elsweyr Coffers. You will receive an Elsweyr Coffer as an additional reward for the following activities in Northern or Southern Elsweyr:

  • killing dragons;
  • killing world bosses and bosses in lairs;
  • opening treasure chests, safes or thieves’ caches;
  • opening of Psijic portals;
  • collection of resources from points;
  • killing bosses in the Sunspire;
  • opening a supply crate from the Dragonguard hideout
  • search monsters or objects (barrels, boxes, etc.)

Elsweyr’s shiny new coffers can contain a variety of valuable items, including:

  • craft materials;
  • style materials found in North and South Elsweyr
  • sets of equipment for these areas;
  • treasure maps of North or South Elsweyr;
  • crystals of transmutation;
  • crafting Motif Style Pages available in North and South Elsweyr
  • Ja’zenji-Sira’s new outfit style pages.

And for your first daily quest in Northern or Southern Elsweyr that day, you’ll earn a Glorious Elsweyr Coffer, guaranteed to contain a Crafting Motif Style Page or a New Ja’zenji-Sire Outfit Style Page.

In addition, throughout the event, for some activities you will receive additional rewards:

  • doubled the number of reward boxes for all daily quests in Elsweyr North and South
  • increased amount of resources from collection points (with the exception of fishing spots and craft materials that can be collected from killed creatures);
  • additional loot when killing world bosses, bosses in lairs and dragons;
  • additional loot when killing bosses in the Sunspire (as well as two chests for the weekly quest of this challenge).

Impresario and Event Tickets

During the Elsweyr Festival, you can earn up to two Event Tickets per day:

  • One Event Ticket for completing a daily quest in Northern Elsweyr
  • One Event Ticket for completing a daily quest in South Elsweyr.

During the Elsweyr Festival, the first Dagonic Quasigriff Fragment can be purchased from the Impresario (Event Merchant) – a new mount needed to transform your Unstable Morpholyte.

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