ESO: new ravens as companions

ESO: new ravens as companions

The Elder Scrolls Online offers various cool pets and companions in the shop. There are currently two magnificent ravens who sell you stuff or make your bank account accessible at any time. But the birds are expensive and many players have already taken the no less cool Alfiq Khajiit companions who do the same.

What’s up with the ravens? Two new companion pets recently appeared in the shop. Both are intelligent, talking ravens:

Baron Jangleplume is a banker who grants you access to your bank box at any time (except in PvP). The junk dealer, on the other hand, is a trader with whom you can buy and sell things at any time (except in PvP).

Both companions can be called at any time and then offer their services to you and your group. This is particularly useful if you want to quickly clear out your inventory while on the move or if you have run out of essential items such as soul stones.

What do the birds cost? Unfortunately, the two pets are not cheap. They cost 5,000 crowns each in the shop. A proud price for a couple of birds.

Players want ravens, but have already bought cats for a lot of money. This is why some fans are unhappy at the moment: Nevertheless, such wacky pets and companions are very popular with ESO fans. After all, when Elsweyr was released, similar sums were paid for the two Alfiq-Khajiit Fezez and Ezabi, who basically do the same thing. Fezez sells stuff, Ezabi manages the bank.

At that time, around 5000 crowns per pet were also spent on the two khajiit in house cat form and many players are now annoyed that they have to shell out as much for the new ravens. Especially since nobody saw the ravens coming and some players on reddit who just bought the cats regret their decision and would have liked to buy the ravens, if they had known.

Since the prices for such companions are actually very high, it would be really desirable if there would be a discount or an exchange function for further purchases from such NPCs. However, you have to admit that the ESO pets and companions are often made very cool.

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