Elder Scrolls Online represents new Necromancier class

Elder Scrolls Online represents new Necromancier class: deep analysis from ZeniMax

elsweyr necromancer

Elsweyr expansion for Elder Scrolls Online will launch soon and finally deliver a new Necromancier class to you. You already can test the class on the PTS.

Going Deep into the Class Details

Helping you to learn the Necromancier’s traits ZeniMax released a video, where it dives into the class details. Some players related to Tamriel Infinium might already know some class features, for those who don’t, read the quoted paragraph below and, of course, watch the video.

“Should you choose to create a Necromancer, you’ll have three unique Skill Lines, each with five new Active Abilities, four Passive Abilities, and one Ultimate. Like the Warden class that came with ESO: Morrowind, the Necromancer has a Skill Line dedicated to damage (Grave Lord), tanking (Bone Tyrant), and healing (Living Death), bringing powerful new abilities and playstyles to the game.”

As you can Buy ESO Gold and see in the video, ESO Creative Direct Rich Lambert accents that the class has created with specific mechanics and it matches the lore accurately. This is not just a “sorcerer with undead pets.” Necromancier is a shadow class, which means the laws of the game world might not always walk along with that class’ policy. So the Necromancier players will must be a bit tricky to live amongst the rest.

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