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ESO is finally promising a feature that fans have been waiting for 7 years

The upcoming Update 32 was introduced in The Elder Scrolls Online. Items are massively turned inside out and there is a convenience feature that you have been wanting since the release.

What’s in Update 32? In a live stream on Twitch, the developers of The Elder Scrolls Online not only presented the upcoming Deadlands DLC.

It was also about the obligatory Update 32, which every ESO player is entitled to free of charge. There the stats of certain items are changed:

  • Proc sets that deal burst damage now share a global cooldown of one second
  • A hard limit on how high the bonus on critical hits and critical healing can be
  • Proc sets can once again do critical damage
  • All item sets will offer hybrid stats

There was also an announcement that there would be a new convenience feature called “Armory Assistant”. You will find out what all of this means in detail in the following paragraphs.

These changes are coming in Update 32 from ESO

What about the item changes? The planned changes to the item stats go deep into ESO’s theory crafting and address some issues.

The proc-sets mentioned were noticed because they triggered several bursts of damage, which led to enormous damage peaks. That was of course not in the interests of the developers, so there is now this cooldown, which prevents such peaks and spreads the damage spurts over a longer period of time.

The “hard cap” on a not yet known upper limit of the crit bonus should mean that players do not invest in crit chance bonuses until the end of the day and concentrate on other stats. Because crit damage / healing has so far been extremely popular in PvE and clearly dominates over other stats.

But even though crits have been weakened a bit, they will soon appear more often anyway. Because the proc sets, which have had no crit chance at all for a long time, are now given the ability to cause crits as well.

Finally, the so-called hybrid stats are now distributed from all sets. This means that sets that deal weapon damage will now deal weapon and spell damage, spell penetration becomes physical and spell penetration, and critical spells become critical weapon and spell damage.

The latter in particular is well received by the fans, because it enables new and wacky builds that were previously not an option. One user (via Elderscrollsonline site) commented splendidly “These are wild changes, and good, wild changes!”

What is the Armory Assistant? Those who like to experiment with builds will love the Armory Assistant feature. Because your character builds can be saved here and changed at any time at the push of a button. So far, the rebuilding of your build has been a horror, because you had to rearrange umpteen skills and passives and there was also a lot of other fiddling with it.

Since you have a large selection of builds in ESO and virtually every hero can somehow take on any role, this hurdle has been a horror for the players since the release of ESO 7 years ago.

The new system will be free and you will get 2 slots for builds per character. If you want more, you can buy it for real money in the Crownstore.

When is Update 32 coming? Update 32 and the final Deadlands DLC will be released in autumn 2021. Update 32 with all its changes will soon be available on the public test server of The Elder Scrolls Online. So here the release should be pending soon.

While the final update in 2021 is still a long way off, you can already play the new dungeons from the “Waking Flame” update, but they are tough!

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