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ESO is currently free – who is the MMORPG 2021 suitable for?

The Elder Scrolls Online is a Buy2Play MMORPG. In order to gain access and try out the game, you usually have to pay money in advance. However, it is currently free to play. We will tell you how long you can test ESO and what types of players it is particularly suitable for.

How long can ESO be played for free? The so-called QuakeCon 2021 event is currently running at ESO. During this event you can play the MMORPG for free. The event runs until Monday, August 30th. During this event you can create a free account on PC, Mac, Xbox, PlayStation or Google Stadia and spend as many hours in ESO as you want.

Which content can be used free of charge? The event gives you access to the base game from ESO and the Vvardenfell area from the first expansion, Morrowind. In general you can:

    • Try out the four basic classes
    • Explore 23 unique areas
    • Experience the full story of the basic game
    • Play with friends who already own ESO and have wanted to convince you to give it a try
    • You can also try out the prologue for the latest Blackwood expansion, which was released in June 2021.

However, you are denied access to the content of the other expansions or the DLCs.

ESO is an MMORPG for solo players and fans of good stories

What makes ESO special? The Elder Scrolls Online is not a classic MMORPG, as it particularly values ​​a lot of single-player content and easy access to the game world. For example, you can explore every area in ESO with every level, as your character adapts dynamically to the respective content. You can go straight to the start in one of the endgame areas and the latest expansion without ever having explored the “old game world”.

In addition to the scaling, ESO convinces with the fact that you basically don’t have to have any contact with other players. All stories and stories can be experienced alone. In addition, there is the new companion system that was introduced with Blackwood and allows you to experience all content with an NPC at your side.

What does ESO offer overall?

  • A huge game world in the universe of The Elder Scrolls
  • An action-packed combat system with active dodging and blocking
  • Exciting story content that was set to music entirely in German
  • Over 40 different dungeons, which also come with a heavier veteran mode
  • Raids in the form of so-called trials for 12 players
  • Various PvP content, including the huge Cyrodiil area where the 3 factions battle each other
  • A new update every quarter and a new expansion every year

What types of players is ESO particularly suitable for? ESO is aimed primarily at fans of good stories and action-packed combat systems. Because the game is convincing in both respects and is one of the best the genre has to offer.

Most of the content can be done solo, which is why it is one of the MMORPGs that you can best play alone. With the new companions, this point has also been improved again.

Although dungeons and raids are difficult in the endgame, they are by far not as elaborately designed as with the genre competitors WoW and FFXIV. ESO is also struggling with technical problems, especially when it comes to the large PvP area of ​​Cyrodiil. Unfortunately, the MMORPG doesn’t shine here. There is also criticism for the update culture, which is the same every year and basically offers no surprises.

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