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ESO gives you the new Deadlands DLC when you complete an event together

In the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online the event “Bounties of Blackwood” is currently running. At this event, the entire community works together to unlock rewards for all players. The special thing about this time is that the new DLC Deadlands will be given away when everyone reaches the common goal.

What kind of event is that? “Bounties of Blackwood” runs from September 30th to October 12th. Your task is to explore the new Blackwood area that was released with the Blackwood expansion. For each character who completes the Boy Scout achievement, the event progresses a little bit.

What are the rewards?

  • If the event reaches 33%, then all players receive the jelly pet as an animal companion.
  • At 66% all players get the painting of the shadows of the Blackwood.
  • At 100%, all players get the new Deadlands DLC for free, provided they own the Blackwood expansion.

The final reward is primarily worthwhile for players who are not using ESO +. However, you unlock the DLC permanently, which would otherwise cost 2,000 crowns. If you then want to unsubscribe from ESO +, you will benefit again from the event reward.

Blackwood Pathfinder is an easy achievement, so you should complete it more often.

How do you achieve Boy Scout success? In order to progress with the event, you must complete the Pathfinder of Blackwood. All you have to do is go to 6 prominent locations on the map, which are marked with an “eye symbol”.

Can you complete the scout multiple times? Yes, you can complete the scout with any character and thus advance the event. Since you can theoretically start with every new character in ESO directly in the dark forest after the tutorial, you can contribute a lot of progress to the event.

Event already at over 30%, but appearances are a bit deceptive

How is the event going so far? After just 36 hours, the players have achieved over 30% in the progress of the event. But appearances are deceptive.

Because right from the start, all the characters who have completed the success since the release of Blackwood were retrospectively factored in. And there will have been a lot of players.

So if you are interested in the rewards and want to get the DLC for free, then you should keep an eye on the progress and – if necessary – complete the Boy Scout achievement a few more times.

What else does the event bring? In addition to the great community progress, you will also receive the Legates of Blackwood chests for every daily quest that you complete during the event period. The first chest in each case brings an increased chance of rare rewards.

It includes, among other things:

  • Craft materials
  • Valuables that you can sell for gold at vendors
  • Style materials for styles from dark forest
  • Equipment from Blackwood
  • A fragment of the Voriplasm as a companion
  • Furnishings and blueprints from dark forest

You can also earn more chests from vaults, through portals into the realm of oblivion and from treasure chests. There are also event tickets that you can earn again.

The new DLC Deadlands appears together with Update 32. That in turn brings a really good change to the sets. The upcoming update in ESO finally brings you the loot you still need.

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