ESO: future dungeon expansion the Waking Flame

ESO: future dungeon expansion the Waking Flame

The Gates of Oblivion adventure continues in the Dread Cellar, a new 4-player dungeon coming with the Waking Flame DLC. As always ESO Boosting Services are available for purchase.

The developers have published material that introduces players to the future expansion.

The Dread Cellar, located in the hills in the northern part of the Black Forest, was once one of the most notorious prisons in the Empire. Dissidents, rebels and political prisoners were exiled to this secret place. Prisoners rarely left the walls of the prison, and there were many rumors about the cruelty of the guards.

Over time, the Dread Cellar turned out to be abandoned, but recently the former prison began to emit mysterious magical energy. The Dread Cellar is now home to the Dagonic cult of the Waking Flame. Having received alarming news from the dremora Lyranth the Foolkiller, whom you have met more than once during the Gates of Oblivion adventure, the battle mages of the Imperial Legion – Lucilla’s apprentice Caprenia and her mentor Mart Tullius – set out on a reconnaissance mission.

“We wanted the Dread Cellar to have an atmosphere of mystery that spanned both the history of the place and the past of the characters,” explains Mike Finnigan, ESO’s lead combat designer. “Despite the obvious threat of the Daedra, there is a lot of filth in the history of the Dread Cellar, and we have tried to bring it all to the environment and sound effects.”

With your help, the battle mages must penetrate the depths of the Dread Cellar and find the cause of the burst of magic. But what other horrors does this once formidable dungeon conceal? And what is the important goal of the Waking Flame cultists here?

Accompanying the battle mages, on your way you will meet the devoted servants of Mehrunes Dagon – cultists of the Waking Flame who wield powerful fire magic, as well as hordes of Daedric monsters – a terrifying Daedroth, ogrim and more terrible enemies.

“We’ve tried to populate the Dread Cellar with a wide variety of Daedric minions to be a real challenge for players,” says Finnigan. “For example, there are two types of Zivilai in this dungeon. These creatures are by no means harmless, so your group should be on the lookout even in areas where there are no bosses. “

In addition to many other enemies, there are three bosses in the Dread Cellar, and you will need to know the special mechanics of each of them to win. For example, the spider-like creature from the Dead Lands, the terrifying scorion – the leader of the brood, knows how to move using portals.

The dungeon can be completed in Normal and Veteran modes. And if you and your allies want to test what you are capable of, each of the three bosses is also available in increased difficulty mode.

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