Episode 1 of Iron Tooth is now available after a short delay.

So, if you’re playing Neverwinter on PS4 or Xbox One, there’s good news for you. Episode 1 of Iron Tooth is now available after a short delay.

What is the Iron Tooth? Iron Tooth is the first episode of the three-part module for Neverwinter Sharandar. This first episode is intended to take you to the lands of Feywild as part of Sharandar. This includes a new adventure zone, the witch Annis ‘ lair, as well as an endgame dungeon and more.

The ruins of the Malabog Adventure Zone contain the remains of the Malabog Army. The new social center is a stronghold for players to communicate. Annis the Witch’s Lair will see you face to face with the Fae. And the dungeon endgame, released on PC earlier, contains the Night Diamond item. If you’re on PC, Episode 2 of The Soul Keeper will be released on April 13 and will be released on consoles a month later, on May 13. This second episode will lead to a renewed mystical land. It also includes a Repaired grove that offers new heroic encounters and new areas.

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